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Woman's Fashion

October 21

Fashion Model
Fashion in Pink
Pink Handbag

Welcome to Bolt Fashion! 

           Hey, so I like to make these mock websites just to give people a real world feel of their logos, I feel like it helps to provide some context. Obviously websites can look a million different ways, so all of this would end up being changed by the time you are finished with designing your brand and it's aesthetic. I looked at the reference brands you sent me, and most of them seemed to have this "mauve-y pink" color scheme and traditional boutique text styles. If you think you want something more modern that has more of a big city retail feel, you can Click Here! That usually just consists of bold, simple text (like Forever 21, which you also mentioned.) 

As for logos, I tried about a million different complicated designs, and nothing really felt right to me. I think my style just calls for simpler text and icons. I tried out a lot of those "neon light" texts that you had in your logos, but they all made me feel like I was getting too close to that other brand with a similar name that you showed me. But, I've added some logo variations for you to scroll through and see if there's anything you like better, and you can pick and choose different things about different logos and combine the parts you do like if there are any!

Logos are one of the hardest parts of graphic design, because its all subjective and based on opinion, so if you're not into anything that I've done here, that's totally okay with me and you are more than welcome to try out some other designers. Thanks so much for letting me give it a shot! I hope your brand does really well, and I believe it will because you're awesome and awesome people make awesome stuff! 

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