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Branding is the main thing with which I see most small businesses struggle. 

           The lack of branding is what makes your business look "less put together" than corporations, and honestly, it seems to make or break a lot of businesses - both large and small. The ones who 'look' put together, seem to stay afloat while the ones that look 'thrown together' usually have a hard time making it, and there's no reason your small business can't look just as premium as a multi-million dollar company.

The psychology behind branding & marketing is simple, people are going to be more drawn to a business that looks more professional, cohesive, or even just more stylish than their competitors. If you have a storefront or office that feels good, people are going to want to come back - and the same goes for websites and social media presence.

Possibilities are endless {and overwhelming} when you're trying to wrap your mind around the aesthetics, vibes, and feelings you want your business to portray. I would love to talk with you and figure out who your brand is targeting, the mood you want to elicit when people look at your product or walk into your store, and help you with anything you need. I have completely branded multiple companies from top to bottom and it makes me extremely proud to see them succeed. I am equally passionate about your branding as you are about your business.

Send me a message below if you think your business needs help rebranding, or if you're still getting set up and want help making sure everything feels right when you launch it. Conversation is free!

Maybe you just need a website, maybe you need a new logo, maybe you need shirts, business cards, a new sign, product photos, a commercial, cool packaging, maybe you need literally everything. We'll figure it out, and I'd be so excited to help.

You decide your budget, and we'll make sure to stay there.

After all, the whole idea here is to keep yourself in business, right?

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