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Jacobs Consulting & Marketing

Jacobs Consulting & Marketing takes pride in building and maintaining our nationwide reputation of providing top tier service to some of the most renowned names in the automotive industry. With an 87% Re-Sign rate, we can provide you with reference after reference of Dealers who bring JCM Services into their dealerships quarterly to make absolutely sure that they consistently meet their quota.

Let us speak with you about bringing our 'tried & true' marketing strategies into the untapped market in your area.


Contact Us at any time of day for a quick, free consultation.

Our Services

Jacobs Consulting & Marketing has years of experience not only in the Automotive Industry, but in Target Marketing & Lead Generation in general. Below is a summary of JCM's specializations, but please feel free to Contact Us with any questions that you may have. We would love to talk about your business needs, and that doesn't cost you a penny!

Our Services
Staffed Events

Staffed Event Hosting

JCM Staffed Events yield results for a reason. JCM's team of experienced professionals ranging from the Sales Staff to the Finance Desk are not only prepared, but trained to handle heavy traffic events without a sign of distress.

There is nothing more damaging to your High Traffic Event than burning through the customers that walk through your door.

Unstaffed Event Hosting

We realize that some Dealers prefer keeping everything In-House. JCM would love to provide our Direct Mail Design & Circulation Services to help you generate more, stronger leads.

Need a Closer? We'll send one.

If you need Lead & Appointment Handling by Phone, SMS, & Email, we'll handle it.

We have the remote resources that you need to strengthen your own event.

Direct Mail Circulation

JCM has endless sources of data that your Dealership can use to target your prime market.

Mail is a costly and wasted effort unless you can put your adverts in the right mailboxes.

JCM has perfected the art of target marketing and we can locate your potential customers not only by Age & Income Level but even by Automotive Purchase Habits, and FICO Score.

Unstaffed Events
Direct Mail

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