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Hi, my name is William Oliver; 

Ever since I can remember, I've had an eye for design. I remember first becoming aware of it in 3rd grade when I had to write a paper about reptiles and my teacher thought that my mother had done it for me because it was so cohesive and aesthetically pleasant, it was color coordinated, had a header, photo examples, and the cover page looked like a book straight from a publisher, I had even gone and stolen a green colored spine to match the title from one of my mom's college notebooks.

design is an inherent passion that has always been woven into my personality. I have always found myself dissecting every sign, flier, brochure, website, user interface, photo, video, or any form of media that I come across and asking myself, "What makes this look and feel so good (or bad)?"

When it comes to achieving industry standard quality in media, the small details are the ones that really count, and they are also the ones that most people can't quite put their finger on. Those are the marks I strive to hit.

My entire life has been one long deep dive into various forms of artistry, starting with graphic design in my early childhood, evolving into musicianship, composing, and touring throughout my high school and college years, which linked to learning cinematic video production, photography, and marketing because the only way to be competitive in that arena was to do everything ourselves because we wanted to look and sound like the greatest bands in our genre, but we couldn't afford a large-scale media team and with art & production, you really get what you pay for. 

If our music sounded like we produced it in a bedroom, no one was going to listen to it, even if we wrote the greatest songs in history. If our video looked like it cost $100, no one was going to care to watch it.

The reason I say all of that is because as I became older and living a comfortable life became more expensive, I realized the same goes for businesses. Branding is your form of art. Branding is what makes people see your business and think "Wow, I have to try that." It's what creates the feeling inside of your business that makes people want to come back. It's all so important - from the logo on your sign, the layout and photos on your website, the fonts on your paperwork or menus, the cohesive color schemes across all of your content and physical assets that create the experience and mood for customers, it all needs to feel right.

My passion is helping you find the vibe that you're looking for and then helping you bring it to life. You have great ideas, even if you don't know exactly how to implement them. I believe in people, I believe in your ideas. Let's get started and create something awesome.

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